Friday, November 28, 2008

Just a quick note

To say Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone! Hope you had a Great One!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Vacation! Wooohooo

Hey Everyone....

A sista' is now on VACATION! officially starting today! I don't have to be back to work until December 1st and I am doing absolutely nothing. I mean... just little meander stuff... like today i went out to breakfast with a friend and then later someone took me out to lunch... and now I'm just chilling.

I do plan to make some youtube vids though.... maybe on some products... maybe on some hair.... maybe just about me. I'm finding out I like to talk to the camera a little more than I realize. If you want to check out my channel it can be found at.
It seems like suddenly I've picked up a couple of things that keeps me active on the technical side like blogging and now... youtubing..LOL.... It should prove to be interesting.

I guess people can get a sense of what your about when your on camera. Humans are interesting...LOL...

Take care of You!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

..He's So Faithful!

Hello Everyone!

I just feel good in my spirit. Even though my feet are hurting because I worked all day on my feet at my second gig, and the day was long... I feel good. God is just awesome..... And so many times we take it for granted that we are going to be here from one day to the next, but I just wanted to take time to say ... God I need you! That I can't make it without you! He is so worthy of all the praise.. Glory and Honor. I love him today! And most of all He is faithful when we are not. Thank God for Grace & Mercy!

We go and ask him for this and for that because we are always needing something, but the Lord likes to know that he is worthy, and that he is awesome, wonderful, loving and just great.

Right now I am really enjoying Tye Tribbett's new album Stand Out, if you don't have it... pick it up.. it's really awesome. Full of praise and worship songs that just makes you think of the Goodness of God.

This is one of my favorite songs on the cd.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bon Qui Qui

Anytime I need a good laugh I look at this video... It's hilarious to me anytime I look at it. Enjoy...

Friday, November 7, 2008

Computer Love...

So amongst the changes that I've made with myself.. being natural and physical, I have decided to get back into the dating scene.

*sighs* Why is this so difficult?

The possibility of getting to know someone is exciting and at the same time nerve racking. With the age of the Internet there are all kinds of new possibilities to meet someone new. Someone you may not have ordinarily ran across.

So to expand my horizons I decided to join a couple of dating services online. I joined and (I think that's the name). I'm not entirely new to this arena and really it can be time consuming. I'm not in a rush so I am willing to take my time.

On these sites you do have to be careful. I never give my number to a man unless I feel absolutely comfortable. I need to get to know the person. I ask to chat with them online first before talking on the phone. Sometimes a chat can help you decide whether you want to take this to another level... trust me.. most times I can tell from just a chatty conversation.

If I like someone enough to after the chat and they make it to a phone call, I always offer to get their number and I tell them that I'm going to call them private.. until I get comfortable with them.

Then ... if they make it to meet me, I bring a friend, and she asks him for his I.D. and stays with me until I tell her it's okay to leave. It has been times in the past where I didn't feel comfortable (and I always meet at a public place) and I ended up leaving with her.... and out of their life.

So far since I've been back in the game... I can't even get past a chat conversation. I don't know if it's because I'm older and I'm just more aware of what I desire, or if its just some idiots out there..LOL.... But I've already cancelled my membership with I've decided that It's just a Hookup site.

And that's another thing.. there are so many people on there who have girlfriends and wife's.. you really have to be careful.

With all that being said..... I know God will send the right one when it's time. But I am open to date again... and that's the first step.

Take care of you!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy 1 Year Nappiversary!

If you don't know that I'm a nappy Gal.... You've been at my place totally blind. But I'm so proud to say that Today... THIS DAY... November 3 IS MY NAPPIVERSARY! 1 year all natural and it has been an exciting journey . I am totally looking forward to great things my second year. I've broken stereotypes that you only can wear you hair in an afro, that your only limited to one style, when some of you know that being natural is totally about versatility and creativity. It is a Blessing to show off the Kinks and Curls that God has Blessed us with!

I was explaining to one of my good friends, He is married and he wants me to talk to his wife about going natural. He was going on explaining that she doesn't have "bad" hair. HOOOOLLLLD UP!...LOL.. So you know I had to break it down to him. There is no Bad hair. I tell anyone in order to love your own hair, you have to fall in love with natural hair.... However it comes. I dont look at it as texture I see it as a beautiful head of hair. Hair is Beautiful, no matter what the texture... it's all about how u rock it! Only after you fall in love with natural hair can you accept your hair. Because the truth is...... My hair is not going ot be like yours and vice versa. Being natural is your own personal journey. It's about self acceptance and loving yourself. I believe naturals have the highest of self esteem that I've seen. To overcome what is accepted of the world as far as hair is concerned is awesome!

but anyway... I wasn't trying to go on and on about that, but I guess that was dear to my heart. But what I wanted to share was this video I created channeling my 1 yr of being natural. Thanks for coming by and celebrating with me!

Take care of you!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Today I was in church and was just reflecting on some things. Someone I knew there was going through some things with her marriage and they ended up separating. I remember listening to her problems and understanding what she was going through with her marriage.

I had been there. And when she told me of her hurts and woes... we bonded.

A couple of Sundays ago she walked in with him, and I was kind of caught off guard. ... and I think I was disappointed. I spoke but I felt so uneasy. All I could think was, hmmm they are working that out. Ok.

So today as I looked at the both of them sitting next to each other in service... my thoughts were, they really look happy. So why at that time was I so disappointed? I mean it was like I was disappointed in her for taking him back. Was it the bonding? The sharing of war stories of what he hath done to me? When truly I should be happy.

God honors marriage, and you should want to make it work. Should want to honor the design of family. I felt a sense of relief today, because I felt that there were things in me that I needed to let go.

Those things that happened to my marriage and I couldn't work it out is not anyone else's problem... My God... it was almost 15 years ago and it appears that maybe I'm still holding on to a little anger from that situation and I shouldn't revisit it when someone tells me about a situation that is similar. I should be able to share my experience in the hopes of helping someone else. Maybe shed light so that they can work through it to get back together.

When we talked I didn't encourage her to leave... she already had left. I just shared my experience to let her know that she can make it and let her know that everything was going to be alright. And I'm ok with that....

So today... I let it go.

Sometimes you have to reconcile with yourself in order to go forward.

Take care of u...
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