Friday, September 30, 2011

Let Her Be CURLY!!

I'm in school for Cosmetology and I have stories to tell to say the least. I am enjoying myself and it is trying sometimes but I hope to do good for my part of the Natural community..LOL, Hope to make you girls proud!

So I have a pretty steady stream of natural clients that I service. Most heard of me through word of mouth and some have stumbled upon me on accident. I have a little girl that comes to see me about every two weeks. She is about 10 years old and her mom brings her in to get her hair straightened. She has a head full of hair that is even more beautiful Wet and wavy!

So she's sitting in my chair and we are conversating about kid stuff. You know music, favorite colors and.... Hair. So I ask her, "Do you like your curly hair?" She says, "Yep!" I say, "Well how come you won't wear your hair curly?" She said kind of sadly, "My mom won't let me..."

My heart sunk.

How could mom deprive her of her curls. Mind you... mom has been really informal to me, despite that apparently she loves how I do her hair because she reschedules with me before she leaves. When I met mom she is rocking a short relaxed do. No shade to the relaxer honey... if that's your cup of tea.. than so be it! But I felt so bad for the young girl that was not allowed to rock her curls.

I then asked the little girl, "What do you think pretty hair is?"
She answers,"Long and curly."

Awwwww man! How beautiful is that. And my thoughts were, I thought it would be so much easier to rock the curly hair than getting it straightned every two weeks. Every time she comes to me her hair is all over her head and she is just looking a mess. I guess mom is not really into doing anyone's head.

So what should I do? I want to approach the mom and fill her with a little bit more of info about rocking the curly hair. She just seems a little unapproachable, you know what I mean....

I say... Let her be Curly.....

What would you do??
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