Thursday, October 30, 2008

OMGoodness... I have been Tagged!

So I was Tagged By Ms. Sonya (The life of a bored Nappy), I am to post 6 interesting things about myself and then tag others..... ( I don't have a lot of friends around these parts so If I don't tag anyone.... that's why..LOL)

So Here are 6 interesting things about me

1. I have written a book that I want to publish

2. I can make the most serious things funny least to me!

3. I sing a solo or something almost every Sunday @ my Church

4. I know how to play the Clarinet

5. I can be very competitive sometimes

6. I cry at the cartoon Disney Movies.... (Shhhh!)

Ok.... really I don't have anyone to tag.. but anyone who reads or comments.... Your it!

Take care of u!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


All in Good fun... these are some questions that I would ask Sen. Obama...

1. Are you going to change the month designated for Black History month from the shortest month of the Year to say a longer one with 31 days?

2. At all sporting events and anything major where the Star Spangled Banner is sung, will we sing the "Negro National Anthem" (Lift ever Voice) afterwards?

3. What do you plan on serving at your Inauguration dinner? (I'd request, Greens, Macaroni & Cheese, Black eye peas and some Fried chicken..... ok.. I"m hungry...)

4. Will Ebonics become national language and be taught in schools across the U.S. (LOL.... I couldn't help it...LOL.. we all know he speaks no Ebonics whatsoever!).

5. Since being elected will go down in history... next year, can that day be celebrated and made into a national Christmas, Thanksgiving & New Years Day?

6. Can you open up places to teach brothers how to walk with a swag... just like you?

7. Can you please try to pass a mandatory 1yr jail time sentence for pulling black folks over for driving.... cuz they black!?

8. 40 acres and a mule?

9. I know that you are pushing for better health care, but while your at it, can you make it mandatory that everyone gets their own birthdays off with pay?

10. If not number 9.... Can we have YOUR birthday off?

LOL.... what would you ask Obama?

He's doing well ya'll... we makin' History...

Take care of you!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Living In the Spotlight....

By now everyone has heard about the tragedy with Jennifer Hudson. It's really shocker and so so sad. My heart and heartfelt sympathy goes out to her and family. This morning they found her 7 year old nephew dead in the suv.

All day on the radio, because Chicago is her hometown, they played songs of encouragement and the city continually called giving their condolences. Some crying, Some recanting their own horror stories of losing a loved one. The whole City seemed to be aching.

In my worst dreams I could not imagine what the family is going through. Jennifer had to go and I.D. all of the bodies. Imagine the sheer horror of that. But most of all losing those that are closest to you in a blink of a moment. To get a phone call while your working telling you that something terrible has happened. At that moment trying to recall the last conversation you had. Did you tell them you Love them? You appreciated them. When was the last time you gave a hug to someone.... and the last argument.... why did we even argue? It just doesn't matter anymore.

But most of all I know that everyone is saying... oh Jennifer... but what about the sister who has had a great loss. Her 7 year old son. She has to feel so bad. You lost your Mom, brother and your son. What a blow.

Love your family. Those around you and cherish life.. It is much too short.

Take care of u....

Friday, October 24, 2008

His Lame Excuses!

Today I was listening to Doug Banks on the radio and on Friday they take email letter questions, problems etc and read them on the radio. So today they read a letter from a man and to sum it up it went a little like this (not his exact words..)

Dear Doug,

I am a good hard working man who loves and takes care of my fiancee. She is the love of my life, my soul mate but she just doesn't do it for me in bed. She is a hard worker, has a degree, cooks, cleans and takes care of my needs.... all except the bedroom.
One time her cousin came over and we had sex and it was incredible. It was the best sex that I EVER HAD. I felt bad about this, but would see her every once in a while because she satisfied my needs sexually.
So the cousin invited me to a party, and it was some kind of freak party. Well my fiance's sister showed up and they said I had to have sex with the both of them or they were going to tell my fiancee. It was again the best sex I ever had! but they are now black mailing me to continue to have sex with them or they will tell my fiancee everything. I don't want to lose her so I have to keep doing this... what should I do?

So.. ... Doug banks was going on talking about... "awww this poor guy..... what is he supposed to do"
Oh my goodness... are u kidding me? Who would feel sorry for him? Me and my coworkers was discussing this and we were like, he kept saying that he was not a bad person and that he wasn't scum etc, but trying to make it seem like it was OK to do what he's doing because HE LIKES IT. He mentioned several times how much he enjoyed having sex with these women. Do you really think someone is blackmailing him? How come you just don't come clean?

because... DUH u like having sex with the other women who satisfy your sexual needs. Which makes me think that maybe he needs to re-evaluate his situation with his fiancee. If she's not giving u all that u need.... then she is not all that desire!

I think blackmail is a lame excuse to keep cheating...

Everyone have a Great weekend...
Take care of u!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Will the REAL Desperate Housewives PLEASE STAND UP! You know..... I've watched this show a couple of times and I tell you it's something to see a bunch of rich, black women just showing they bootay's on TV. They are just like regular women except they have money. They are Ghetto sometimes, Loud, Catty, Nice and heartfelt and stinkin' rich! Concieted and have nothing to do with their lives then spend money, have custom made clothes, and reak negativity when needed.

I am not familiar with everyone's name on the show just yet... but I'm sure I will. I know there's a white girl there who I believe is dating a black celebrity who has asked that he remains anonoymous. They all affectionatly call him "Big Poppa". He has showered this young lady with Money beyond reason, an escalade, and she charges his account at a whim for shoes, clothes and etc. And somehow she has hooked up with Dallas Austin because she decided that when she grows up she wanted to be a famous country singer.

Needless to say... she can't sing a tune to save her life! and this is why I believe that the celebrity is black that she is dating. None of her friends even knew how she had a Dallas Austin Hookup?? but the funny thing is.... Superhead in her book had a guy she was messing with, who wanted to remain anonoymous also and she also called him..."Big Poppa". Coincidence?

You tell me?

Stay Tuned.....

Take care of u!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Uneventful Sunday

My Sunday was pleasant.... It moved at a steady pace. I went to church today and last night I decided to blow out my hair with a warm press. I'm really scared to really press it, I mean God forbid my curlies don't come back! Ugggh... I'd be devasted! but I had HUGE hair today, but I loved it. I rocked it like only a Nappy girl could... with fly jewerly and hot makeup... it looked nice... Not everyone understands it.. but hey .. it's cool.

Today I stopped by my Fotki spot. ( checked it and then went to my email. Recently Fotki has put a "contact me" button on everyone's page which I thought was kinda' cool. But never did I think that someone would contact me. You know.. the NappyNetwork just leave notes in the GB. Well I had an email from someone so excited about finding my album. She went on to thank me and said that Me and her mother are hair twins and she so excited because she thinks my album will help her.

I thought... this is Great! You just never know who you can reach out and touch in the smallest ways... and it really made my day. I want the whole world to be nappy..LOL.. but hey I'll take one head at a time!

Until my next post... Take care of you.....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Arrival....

Chello Everyone. I've blogged in many places, but for some reason I avoided this place. I don't know if it's the pressure of advertising yourself so someone will actually read what your thinking? Or the fact that it's not the easiest place to browse and just pick up friends who may have the same interests as you...

But, I have been looking for a new spot since Yahoo360 kinda' went down hill and all my peeps left there. I don't blog on a daily basis, but I love to write and express myself. One of these days... If I ever get serious I would love to be published. (I have a lot of unfinished projects),

But anyway... I'm here, and this is a great start right?

.......Talk to you soon....
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