Thursday, October 30, 2008

OMGoodness... I have been Tagged!

So I was Tagged By Ms. Sonya (The life of a bored Nappy), I am to post 6 interesting things about myself and then tag others..... ( I don't have a lot of friends around these parts so If I don't tag anyone.... that's why..LOL)

So Here are 6 interesting things about me

1. I have written a book that I want to publish

2. I can make the most serious things funny least to me!

3. I sing a solo or something almost every Sunday @ my Church

4. I know how to play the Clarinet

5. I can be very competitive sometimes

6. I cry at the cartoon Disney Movies.... (Shhhh!)

Ok.... really I don't have anyone to tag.. but anyone who reads or comments.... Your it!

Take care of u!


thecreativeyo said...

Cool 6!Good luck with the book.

Sonya said...

I knew you could sang. I can just see it in your face. You need to start on getting that book published. I'll give you a year. I'm ready to read it!

Bianca said...

Yes! I want to read the book. Girl, you have already inspired me because you have a finished piece.

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