Wednesday, October 29, 2008


All in Good fun... these are some questions that I would ask Sen. Obama...

1. Are you going to change the month designated for Black History month from the shortest month of the Year to say a longer one with 31 days?

2. At all sporting events and anything major where the Star Spangled Banner is sung, will we sing the "Negro National Anthem" (Lift ever Voice) afterwards?

3. What do you plan on serving at your Inauguration dinner? (I'd request, Greens, Macaroni & Cheese, Black eye peas and some Fried chicken..... ok.. I"m hungry...)

4. Will Ebonics become national language and be taught in schools across the U.S. (LOL.... I couldn't help it...LOL.. we all know he speaks no Ebonics whatsoever!).

5. Since being elected will go down in history... next year, can that day be celebrated and made into a national Christmas, Thanksgiving & New Years Day?

6. Can you open up places to teach brothers how to walk with a swag... just like you?

7. Can you please try to pass a mandatory 1yr jail time sentence for pulling black folks over for driving.... cuz they black!?

8. 40 acres and a mule?

9. I know that you are pushing for better health care, but while your at it, can you make it mandatory that everyone gets their own birthdays off with pay?

10. If not number 9.... Can we have YOUR birthday off?

LOL.... what would you ask Obama?

He's doing well ya'll... we makin' History...

Take care of you!


KoffeeD said...

LOL.. 2 funny. I'm not an American but Its major everywhere.

Sonya said...

I would ask My Sweetheart if he could give a stipend, just a monthly allotment to each single parent that works 35 hours or more each week, ya know, just to help out a bit. Then I'd ask him for a kiss or sumpin :o) i just blushed

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