Monday, October 20, 2008

Uneventful Sunday

My Sunday was pleasant.... It moved at a steady pace. I went to church today and last night I decided to blow out my hair with a warm press. I'm really scared to really press it, I mean God forbid my curlies don't come back! Ugggh... I'd be devasted! but I had HUGE hair today, but I loved it. I rocked it like only a Nappy girl could... with fly jewerly and hot makeup... it looked nice... Not everyone understands it.. but hey .. it's cool.

Today I stopped by my Fotki spot. ( checked it and then went to my email. Recently Fotki has put a "contact me" button on everyone's page which I thought was kinda' cool. But never did I think that someone would contact me. You know.. the NappyNetwork just leave notes in the GB. Well I had an email from someone so excited about finding my album. She went on to thank me and said that Me and her mother are hair twins and she so excited because she thinks my album will help her.

I thought... this is Great! You just never know who you can reach out and touch in the smallest ways... and it really made my day. I want the whole world to be nappy..LOL.. but hey I'll take one head at a time!

Until my next post... Take care of you.....

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