Friday, October 24, 2008

His Lame Excuses!

Today I was listening to Doug Banks on the radio and on Friday they take email letter questions, problems etc and read them on the radio. So today they read a letter from a man and to sum it up it went a little like this (not his exact words..)

Dear Doug,

I am a good hard working man who loves and takes care of my fiancee. She is the love of my life, my soul mate but she just doesn't do it for me in bed. She is a hard worker, has a degree, cooks, cleans and takes care of my needs.... all except the bedroom.
One time her cousin came over and we had sex and it was incredible. It was the best sex that I EVER HAD. I felt bad about this, but would see her every once in a while because she satisfied my needs sexually.
So the cousin invited me to a party, and it was some kind of freak party. Well my fiance's sister showed up and they said I had to have sex with the both of them or they were going to tell my fiancee. It was again the best sex I ever had! but they are now black mailing me to continue to have sex with them or they will tell my fiancee everything. I don't want to lose her so I have to keep doing this... what should I do?

So.. ... Doug banks was going on talking about... "awww this poor guy..... what is he supposed to do"
Oh my goodness... are u kidding me? Who would feel sorry for him? Me and my coworkers was discussing this and we were like, he kept saying that he was not a bad person and that he wasn't scum etc, but trying to make it seem like it was OK to do what he's doing because HE LIKES IT. He mentioned several times how much he enjoyed having sex with these women. Do you really think someone is blackmailing him? How come you just don't come clean?

because... DUH u like having sex with the other women who satisfy your sexual needs. Which makes me think that maybe he needs to re-evaluate his situation with his fiancee. If she's not giving u all that u need.... then she is not all that desire!

I think blackmail is a lame excuse to keep cheating...

Everyone have a Great weekend...
Take care of u!

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