Monday, November 21, 2011

What I'm Thankful For

I am thankful for so many things.  The little things and Big things... so I wanted to take this time out to number all the things I'm thankful there.

1. All of my family being Healthy and Alive
2. For my Son.  He's such a good kid.. Really .. no lie!
3. My Job that pays the bills
4. A roof over my head
5. A car to drive
6. My BookClub
7. My lil cell phone that keeps me connected to everybody
8. Coupons! LOL
9. My Natural Curls and me accepting of them!
10. My new neice Mackenzie, born Early at 7lbs 6 oz.  She was due 12/21!
11.  My Friends who love me unconditionally
12.  My clients at school who love my work
13. My gift of Song that God has Blessed me with
14. To be alive to enjoy another Holiday!
15. For knowing who Jesus is!
16.  Good Food.. (that's right.. I said it! )
18.  The entire natural community
19.  And for the the few that read this.. LOL
20. Neo- soul music.

That is all.. for now .  Hope everyone has a Great Thanksgiving!

~ Beauti

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Straightening Fiasco

It's been a while since I have had my hair straightened and trimmed.  I'm talking maybe before the summer hit.  Actually I kinda don't like getting it straightened, but because I've waited so long I decided it was best. I also wanted a few layers to give it a little shape.

Well.... The first time I got it cut.  (Yep... had to get it cut twice)  She trimmed very little and it was uneven.  When the curls subsided and my hair was in it's straight natural glory and I looked in the back my hair looked like a uneven shelf!   It was awful!

So I had to have someone cut it again, causing me to get another inch or so cut off.  Sometimes you just have to take mishaps with a grain of salt.  In the past I would've been upset, but since I've been on my new regimen I'm pretty confident that the little hair that I lost will be back in no time!

This is a time I will take now to see if I get less breakage with my new routine.  My hair has been straight for almost a week.  I have been changing up my styles, bunning and things of that nature.  I may even stretch this out for two weeks.

I do have a little fear though...

When she initially turned on her irons the temp was set at 445! OH MY GOODNESS!!!
I turned it down and she told me she was going to turn it down, she was just letting it warm up. *side eye here* 
I've said it before and I will say it again.  DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TELL SOMEONE WHAT YOU WANT!.  Now even though I turned it down I'm not sure if she turned it back up later.  So I have an apprehension of washing my hair.  I hope all my curls bounce back with a vengeance and I'm not even going to complain about the shrinkage... I PROMISE!  as long as my curls are in tact and I have no damage.  That's all I ask for.

Keep your fingers crossed! I will post some pics via my Mobile phone soon...

~ Beauti

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dem Brows!

Becoming natural is one of the best things that ever happened to me.  It has given me some self reflection about my body... which in turn I lost about 50 pounds.. .give or take a few.  I am more into... well you know self.  I love everything about me.. even the rolls in my tummy.... lol

The revolution is wonderful, people are changing how they perceive our hair and it's wonderful, but there is something that is kinda irking me...

How come some folks are not taking care of those bushy brows??!!  LOL

(LBVS)  letting your eyebrows go natural is NOT  a  Really arching them, or cleaning up, gives your a more kept and polished look.

Here's a few steps on where your eyebrows should be:

1. You want to take a pencil and line it up from the side of your nose straight up to your eyebrow, this is were your eyebrow should start.

2. Then take the pencil from the tip of your nose across your pupil, this is were your arch should be.

3. Last take your pencil from the side of your nose again across the outer corner of your eye and this is where your eyebrow should end.

(source from
On the reference site she has directions for just shading.. not even plucking or waxing.  Just this simple step can make the final outcome look polished.  When I am in between waxing I use the pencil and concealer to make my eyebrows look finished.   
Check it out.... It's so simple and so easy and a great way to make your finished look POP!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Team Natural: Rachel Crow

Isn't she Freaking Adorable!?!?!!!!

I was watching the recent episode of The X Factor on my DVR and was checking out Ms. Crow's hair as always and I just love that little girl.  I love that she is rocking her Natural Curls on National TV and looking just as cute as a button. 

No apologies
 No excuses

She's Bold, Talented and Trendy and she is representing Team Natural Beautifully!  I think she get's extra cool points just for being in her age group and rocking her coils!

I'm curious now as to see how they plan to style her hair through out the season.  Last night it looked like it may have been in a roller set then pinned up in a updo.

Keep an eye out for her!

She's one to watch!

~ Beauti
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