Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dem Brows!

Becoming natural is one of the best things that ever happened to me.  It has given me some self reflection about my body... which in turn I lost about 50 pounds.. .give or take a few.  I am more into... well you know self.  I love everything about me.. even the rolls in my tummy.... lol

The revolution is wonderful, people are changing how they perceive our hair and it's wonderful, but there is something that is kinda irking me...

How come some folks are not taking care of those bushy brows??!!  LOL

(LBVS)  letting your eyebrows go natural is NOT  a  Really arching them, or cleaning up, gives your a more kept and polished look.

Here's a few steps on where your eyebrows should be:

1. You want to take a pencil and line it up from the side of your nose straight up to your eyebrow, this is were your eyebrow should start.

2. Then take the pencil from the tip of your nose across your pupil, this is were your arch should be.

3. Last take your pencil from the side of your nose again across the outer corner of your eye and this is where your eyebrow should end.

(source from
On the reference site she has directions for just shading.. not even plucking or waxing.  Just this simple step can make the final outcome look polished.  When I am in between waxing I use the pencil and concealer to make my eyebrows look finished.   
Check it out.... It's so simple and so easy and a great way to make your finished look POP!

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