Thursday, November 3, 2011

Team Natural: Rachel Crow

Isn't she Freaking Adorable!?!?!!!!

I was watching the recent episode of The X Factor on my DVR and was checking out Ms. Crow's hair as always and I just love that little girl.  I love that she is rocking her Natural Curls on National TV and looking just as cute as a button. 

No apologies
 No excuses

She's Bold, Talented and Trendy and she is representing Team Natural Beautifully!  I think she get's extra cool points just for being in her age group and rocking her coils!

I'm curious now as to see how they plan to style her hair through out the season.  Last night it looked like it may have been in a roller set then pinned up in a updo.

Keep an eye out for her!

She's one to watch!

~ Beauti

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