Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How I Deep Condition

How often do you deep condition?

In my beginning journey I was faithful to this practice.  I did it at least once a week; Ironically now that I have more hair I do it about twice a month.  But the way I do it has definitely changed.  I think changes come and are inevitable when you have more hair.  You have to change things to perform according to how much hair you have.

When I didn't have as much hair I would just slather a deep conditioner of my choice, (after a good wash), and then sit under a heating cap for about 30 minutes to an hour.

Now I deep condition BEFORE I wash.  Now that I'm wearing my hair stretched out about 98% of the time I found that doing this is a lot better for detangeling purposes.  I seem to lose less hair and it's just easier all the way round.  Here how I DC:

1. I get a small bottle and fill it with warm water and my oil of choice.  It is important that the water is really warm so that when you spray it on your dry hair it opens that cuticle to receive the conditioner.

2. I section my hair into about 4-6 sections and spray my hair with the solution.  I don't make it sopping wet, but good and damp.

3. I then use a large comb with wide teeth or a shower comb to detangle my hair.  After the solution my hair has excellent slip and is easy to detangle.  I make sure that I detangle from the bottom up and do this until I can comb through it.

4.  Next I apply my fav. Deep conditioner of  choice.  Now depending on the conditioner will dictate whether you should use heat or not.  Read the manufacturers instruction and make sure that you follow them.  If no heat is required, than really... no heat is required.  You will reap the same benefits whether you apply heat or no heat.

5.  After I apply it to the section I twist that section and do this through out the entire head.  When I am finished I have about 4 to 6 large twists well covered in the deep conditioner.

6.  Then I apply a plastic bag to my head.  If it requires heat than I sit under my heat cap for about 15 to 30 minutes.  If it doesn't I still put the plastic bag on my head and leave it on for at least 10 minutes.

7. After the amount of time I take down the twist rinse, shampoo or co-wash, and then apply a regular conditioner, finger detangle, and begin my normal styling routine.

I have found this method to be pretty simple and I only use the comb just once and that is pretty awesome!  I do of course use it again depending on the style I choose to do, but my hair has already been detangeled so it's not hard at all. 

Maybe you should try it and see if it works for you.  Let me know how you Deep Condition???


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Self Reflection: Mentally Transitioning to Natural Hair

Looking back, I have not always been on #Teamnatural.  The transition didn't come immediately... even after I big chopped the second time.  My mind had to make a transition. 
I remember being 19 working at my first big job and this lady, her name was Angie had decided to let go of her Relaxer. 
I remember her walking around there tall and proud with her little afro and I used to frown up at her.  I would whisper to others, "Why wont she get a perm?" I just didn't get it.... but about 16 years later I did. 

I have often ran across articles and women who are worried about their men not loving or even slightly liking their new look.  Society has brainwashed us to love the eurocentric approach, and since I've entered into the Beauty field I find that it's not just Afro Americans, it's every color of the rainbow that's a curly girl or boy.

You don't know how many little girls that were not black, sat in my chair with their beautiful curly locks and made sure they expressed their disdain for their hair.  What do you say to that?  I try to encourage them but I'm fighting against modern day society.  My usual response is, " You won't appreciate your curls until your older..."  I usually get a crazy look like.. "Whatever lady... just make me straight and EuroBeautiful!"  LOL

But can you fault them.  Now when we hear someone not as accepting of their own hair that grows from their scalp we act as if we are appauld.... or we feel sorry for them.  But I remember not so long ago I was there.  In that aweful place.

Now there is nothing you can tell me about natural hair.  The Kinkier the better.  The curlier the more beautiful. 

I love natural hair, point. blank, period.

It reflects in the way I walk, dress and talk.  I have made people believers  and even men telling their women to let that relaxer go.  I have even had a few guys ask me, "Do you mind talking to my girl about natural hair..." That's really a blessing!

It has to start with the mind though.  Even when I first cut my hair I remember being a little unsure until I really got my feet wet.  As a matter a fact, right after my big chop and letting it go free for a day, I ran back and put my wig back on the next day.  When I look back on it and if I knew now what I knew then I would have NEVER done that!

But we live and we learn. 
We like then we love
We love then we accept...


Monday, November 21, 2011

What I'm Thankful For

I am thankful for so many things.  The little things and Big things... so I wanted to take this time out to number all the things I'm thankful there.

1. All of my family being Healthy and Alive
2. For my Son.  He's such a good kid.. Really .. no lie!
3. My Job that pays the bills
4. A roof over my head
5. A car to drive
6. My BookClub
7. My lil cell phone that keeps me connected to everybody
8. Coupons! LOL
9. My Natural Curls and me accepting of them!
10. My new neice Mackenzie, born Early at 7lbs 6 oz.  She was due 12/21!
11.  My Friends who love me unconditionally
12.  My clients at school who love my work
13. My gift of Song that God has Blessed me with
14. To be alive to enjoy another Holiday!
15. For knowing who Jesus is!
16.  Good Food.. (that's right.. I said it! )
18.  The entire natural community
19.  And for the the few that read this.. LOL
20. Neo- soul music.

That is all.. for now .  Hope everyone has a Great Thanksgiving!

~ Beauti

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Straightening Fiasco

It's been a while since I have had my hair straightened and trimmed.  I'm talking maybe before the summer hit.  Actually I kinda don't like getting it straightened, but because I've waited so long I decided it was best. I also wanted a few layers to give it a little shape.

Well.... The first time I got it cut.  (Yep... had to get it cut twice)  She trimmed very little and it was uneven.  When the curls subsided and my hair was in it's straight natural glory and I looked in the back my hair looked like a uneven shelf!   It was awful!

So I had to have someone cut it again, causing me to get another inch or so cut off.  Sometimes you just have to take mishaps with a grain of salt.  In the past I would've been upset, but since I've been on my new regimen I'm pretty confident that the little hair that I lost will be back in no time!

This is a time I will take now to see if I get less breakage with my new routine.  My hair has been straight for almost a week.  I have been changing up my styles, bunning and things of that nature.  I may even stretch this out for two weeks.

I do have a little fear though...

When she initially turned on her irons the temp was set at 445! OH MY GOODNESS!!!
I turned it down and she told me she was going to turn it down, she was just letting it warm up. *side eye here* 
I've said it before and I will say it again.  DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TELL SOMEONE WHAT YOU WANT!.  Now even though I turned it down I'm not sure if she turned it back up later.  So I have an apprehension of washing my hair.  I hope all my curls bounce back with a vengeance and I'm not even going to complain about the shrinkage... I PROMISE!  as long as my curls are in tact and I have no damage.  That's all I ask for.

Keep your fingers crossed! I will post some pics via my Mobile phone soon...

~ Beauti

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dem Brows!

Becoming natural is one of the best things that ever happened to me.  It has given me some self reflection about my body... which in turn I lost about 50 pounds.. .give or take a few.  I am more into... well you know self.  I love everything about me.. even the rolls in my tummy.... lol

The revolution is wonderful, people are changing how they perceive our hair and it's wonderful, but there is something that is kinda irking me...

How come some folks are not taking care of those bushy brows??!!  LOL

(LBVS)  letting your eyebrows go natural is NOT  a  Really arching them, or cleaning up, gives your a more kept and polished look.

Here's a few steps on where your eyebrows should be:

1. You want to take a pencil and line it up from the side of your nose straight up to your eyebrow, this is were your eyebrow should start.

2. Then take the pencil from the tip of your nose across your pupil, this is were your arch should be.

3. Last take your pencil from the side of your nose again across the outer corner of your eye and this is where your eyebrow should end.

(source from
On the reference site she has directions for just shading.. not even plucking or waxing.  Just this simple step can make the final outcome look polished.  When I am in between waxing I use the pencil and concealer to make my eyebrows look finished.   
Check it out.... It's so simple and so easy and a great way to make your finished look POP!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Team Natural: Rachel Crow

Isn't she Freaking Adorable!?!?!!!!

I was watching the recent episode of The X Factor on my DVR and was checking out Ms. Crow's hair as always and I just love that little girl.  I love that she is rocking her Natural Curls on National TV and looking just as cute as a button. 

No apologies
 No excuses

She's Bold, Talented and Trendy and she is representing Team Natural Beautifully!  I think she get's extra cool points just for being in her age group and rocking her coils!

I'm curious now as to see how they plan to style her hair through out the season.  Last night it looked like it may have been in a roller set then pinned up in a updo.

Keep an eye out for her!

She's one to watch!

~ Beauti

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Split Ends... NO BUENO!

It's time for me to get the dreaded trim....., I was trying to think of the last time I did it and it was before summer hit.  Now that I'm wearing my hear out and stretched out (which btw... I'm still loving it) I can see all my frayed ends.  I'm thinking that I need about an inch or so cut off.  Not bad, but I'm hoping that my trims will be even less since embarking my new routine.

I wanted to try to wait until December or the first of the year for my trim, but I can hardly stand looking at these frayed ends.  I remember being relaxed and not liking my ends being split and I was a faithful trimmer.  Whenever I got my relaxer (which was about every 3 to 4 months) I got a trim too.  Now that it's natural I still can't stand frayed ends.

Here's the thing.. I'm considering getting a cut.  Not nothing major.... Just to give me some shape, and with cutting about a inch off, I should be able to achieve that.  I'm going to get a few layers put in, so that my hair doesn't look like a mop!

I had a beautiful twist out last week, part down the middle, but it looked like a mop. 


So I'm going to do something about it.

Wish me luck.... Stay tuned...

~ Beauti

Monday, October 24, 2011

Some People Have a Lot of Nerve!

I was on Facebook... Minding my own business and I see this post that said something about women cutting their hair.  It was a man of course and he was perturbed at all the black women letting go of their tresses and "going bald". 

Now most of us know what the revolution is, A lot of women are finally embracing their natural tresses.  He continued with his rant as to say that its very disturbing and that he just doesn't understand it.  He can't understand why some are cutting and continue to cut, why won't they let their hair grow back?

I knew this guy from the past, he is a good amount older than me, but I remember as a little girl he used to go on and on about my long hair.  My hair was pressed then but he definately had a infatuation with long straight hair.  I mean if that's your preference so be it, but must you down the ladies for their changes??

I then read through comments, because he got a few reactions from females and males.  I didn't put my two cents in because I might say something not so nice, so I just left it alone.  But one lady said, " Some women are going natural and some just want change! "  His rebuttal was, "while some want change why won't they wear wigs and weaves as they are going through this so called change??"


It reminded me of the time I was upset because this guy who was harping on me about why I won't straighten my hair.  You know what????? Men are something else sometimes, while some are embracing our changes, there are others who are working hard against the positive changes that we are making in our lives, they are too busy making it into a negative.  You don't have to embrace my change, but you can SHUTUP about it if you don't have nothing nice to say!  

Below is my Rant in 09 about this very subject.....

Stay Beautiful Everyone....

Curls for Thought: So I mean..... What do you do?

I was at work, minding my own business and me and a co worker got into a discussion about natural hair.  See ... she has been natural and was wearing wigs, and braids but recently decided that enough was enough.


So we were just chatting up about textures and things of that nature and my hair was in a wash and go.  Nothing spectacular, it was summer so I was in lazy mode in it's finest, my hair was in a nice puff from a wash from the previous day.
so the convo takes a turn

Her: You know I love your hair.... but I don't know how you do it *She shakes her head*

Me: How I do what ?*puzzled look*

Her:  I mean how do you do go through doing your hair like that?

Me: What do you mean? *really puzzled look*

Her:  Well you have to be tired of getting up and individually curling your hair like that! You have to get up pretty early!

Me: *Puzzled then frown... then a Ah ha Look* Oooooh, No, when I wash my hair this is just what it looks like.  I just slap some conditioner on it and keep it moving... (I laugh)

Her: *Amazment* Really?? When you wash your hair it looks.... like that?

Me:  Pretty much.... I add product and go

Her:  Wow... all this time I thought you were doing your curls by hand...

Smh.. mind you My natural curls looks like a straw set ( on good, but this is not the first time someone has asked me that.   And even though some folks are natural I think they don't understand that our hair has a wide range of looks... from curls, coils and kinks.. but they are all curls just the same.  Some curls are just tighter and looser than others.  I think we as Black folks period sometimes are programmed to think that our hair is not curly at all... All we think about is Nappy.  Not to say that Nappy is a negative word, but it has been used in the wrong context for so long that we think of the hair in a more negative light.  Some feel that it is impossible for our hair to be curly.
My co workers hair is probably about a 4b-4c, but it's fine and it has the zig zag curls going on and she doesn't even realize that her hair is curly!

We have to take the time to educate ourselves about the in's and outs of hair, learn to appreciate every kink, curl, and nap!  I love my hair for what it is... and I think everyone should do the same....

~ Beauti

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Routine Update

I know I keep harping on my routine, but I'm in transition to healthier hair!

So this past weekend was wash day for my hair.  Let me tell you... It was so much easier.  I've decided on once a week washes instead of every two weeks.  The most I can push it is 1 1/2 weeks, no longer or my scalp just acts up.

So first I deep conditioned/Pre poo.  This was experimental but I think it's a keeper.  My hair was in a old stretched out twist out so it was a lot easier to manage.  I parted my hair in sections and sprayed each section down with my refresher spritz (distilled water, avocado oil, conditioner and Rosemary essential oil) and then to each section of hair I applied a good amount of deep conditioner to it along with my mix of Coconut oil and avocado oil, gently detangled with a wide tooth comb and then twisted the section.    After I completed my entire head it was about maybe 8-10 big twists.  I put a plastic bag on my head and sat under my heating cap for about a half hour. 

I then got in the shower (it's just easier in the shower for me) after undoing my twists and rinsed.  I then shampooed with Nizoral shampoo and then used my regular conditioner (Herbal Essence).  With the conditioner in my hair I finger combed through it to make sure there were no tangles and then rinsed in cool water. 
My hair was soooo soft and ever so curly! I then applied a leave in conditioner and squeezed the excess water from my hair to prepare for the roller set.

Now this was my first time doing the rollerset.  Last week I had someone do it for me but it wasn't so bad.  I did big rollers and I just kinda' slapped them in there.  The goal here is just to stretch the hair out for styling purposes.  I sat under the dryer about 2 hours.  That is the part I'm not crazy about but It didn't turn out to bad.  I think I will find a different setting lotion to use, I used Motions foam wrap and I wasn't crazy about it.  I didn't like the way it made my hair feel.  I think for next week I will pick up the Jane Carter Lotion that I've heard a lot of naturals rave about.

Right now my hair is in nice twists and I love the length of them.  It appears that this is a lot of work but really it's not.  I'm sure I'm going to tweak this a little more in the quest to save even more time in the routine, but at this point.... week 2, it's working.  So far so Good....


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Twistout after a roller set results

I know that this is not the best pic, but this is after a 15 hour day, (work n school). I always have problems with the very front, its such a odd texture, it frizzes easily, and sometimes rebels and goes straight. Next time I will do better! But I really liked the results, so full! I love BIG hair..

Feeling My New Hair Routine

Saturday I had school and some apparant free time, so it was time to put my new plans for my routine into action. We had 8 hours to make it happen, and I was determined to get this done.

I had a classmate (Shoutout to Suzy) wash my hair and give me a rollerset.  We used 2 different sized rollers, and they were as jumbo as I can get them.  When I say jumbo as I can get them, I'm referring it to the length of my hair, which is about APL or longer straight.    The rollers that you use should be able to to roll at least 1 1/2 times around the length of the hair.

She washed my hair with a clarifying shampoo and gave me a good conditioner, detangled, and rolled my hair. (God Bless her heart!)  We used a setting lotion (HCO/Compositions by Design Essentials) along with a leave in conditioner and I sat under the dryer for about 2 hours.

Even after 2 hours I wasn't 100 percent dry, but I walked around the school for a little while and about an hour prior to leaving I took the rollers out.  I was surprised at how straight it actually got my hair.  My roots were still a little curly, but I put a warm flat iron to it and it blended with the rest of the hair.  Unfortunately I did not take a picture of the hair after the roller set, but it was really pretty.  Lots of curls! And I just finger combed through them, I didn't want them to frizz.  (unfortunately I didn't take pics of the roller set... but next time I will)

I wore the roller set a day and a half... Sunday night I twisted my hair dry, and what a difference it made.  The twist were longer, smoother and my hair was just easier to mantain.  It was well worth the 2 hours spent under the dryer.

I will take pictures in the next post to show you what my fab twist out looks like today.  Hopefully It will stay intact until I can get some good pictures.

But just so you know... like McDonalds... I'M LOVIN IT!


Friday, October 7, 2011

$ Saving is Sharing $

So I consider myself a bargain shopper.  Whether it comes to food, hair, electronics, you name it.. I'm trying to save. So why not share my deals with you so you can save too!

So here is a few deals that may interest you..... they interested me!

On :

2 15oz jars of Nutiva Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for only $13.88 I believe it's a 2pack, Put in the Code: NUTIVOCT

*not sure how long this runs... but that's a great deal!


I don't know if you have ever been to this site but you can get a certificate for $25 for $10 but with the coupon that I'm giving you, it will be only $3!! wow.  I have used these before and they come in very handy.  Once you purchase them they never expire.  Great  for when you have a crowd of people and there are a lot of places to choose from.  Excellent to if you are going out of town and would like to reduce a little of your spending but still eat well.  Usually when you get the $25 one you have to get at least 50 dollars worth of food and the gratuity of 18% is included.  (a lot of people don't pay attention to that but that comes automatic so you don't have to leave anything extra at the table it will be included in the bill. 
The code is :


And that's all I have for today folks... pass it along...

Saving is Sharing..

~ Beauti

"Saving is Sharing!"....

Where is the "Stove Irons"?

I love hair.

With that being said, I really would be what you consider a "Healthy Hair" Stylist. I want to do what is best for your hair at all times. I enjoy watching the hair grow and just look healthy all around.

I was having a conversation with one of my clients who came in just to get a flat iron and she asked me if I used the Stove Irons.

I have before, but I can't say that I'm skilled in using them. Now I was raised on those hot irons. I remember going to get my hair done and wanting those irons to hit my hair to "silken" me out. When I first got my hair professionally straightened after being natural I walked into the shop looking for those stove irons. I didn't see them and I asked her where they were! I mean really, how are you going to straighten all this hair out with a regular old flat iron??

But the flat irons these days are anything but old and ordinary.

This is my take on the stove irons and why I believe the flat irons are better for your hair. Stove irons are not heat controlled. Yes it is up to the operator to control that but there have been so many times when they are not. I can say that the temp on the stove irons are probably never the same temp twice. Not to say that you won't get great results, but the test is when your hair is washed and you see the damage.

I have some professional flat irons and at the hottest it gets up to 430 degrees! That is extremely hot, and I rarely use them that high. Especially on natural hair, the highest I have went is 410 but I try to stay about 395 and below. It just doesn't take that much to straighten natural hair. Our hair is so fragile and I know we were raised to believe that we need all this heat, but I am always proud that I can get you nice and silky with a temp of 395 and below!

My educator told us that the stove irons were always so hot on Afro hair that was relaxed because most times it was over processed because of the relaxer. So in order to put any kind of bend in the hair it needed to be at a high temp.

So think about it.... With your hair in its natural state, the hair is healthy, not overprocessed and can be easily straightened with a lower amount of heat.

I think sometimes we look at those stove irons and want them out of habit, but fact of the matter is.....

we don't need them.

I prefer my hair to be be healthy and not heat damaged.

Of course the best recourse is not to flat iron at all, but personally I get the itch sometimes, and there is nothing wrong with it. Just Be Careful!!!

~ Beauti

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dandruff? and the Jar of Grease

Remember when your mom used to oil your scalp? She'd get the Blue magic, for my case she would use Sulfur 8 because my scalp would be so bad. Take a hunk of it, put it on the back of her hand and begin the routine of parting and oiling.

Thinking back to those time I realized that everytime she would oil my head it would just get more irritated. Sometime to the point that I had scabs and was bleeding!

After I had my son it was even WORSE.

I began to shed hair and my sides and edges were thinning; I finally saw a Dermatologist and she explained that I had Psoraisis.

Psoraisis is when the skin cells or overactive. A persons normal turn of shedding dead skin is 30 days. A person with this condition sheds as quick as 2 weeks, half the time than normal. The dead skins cells than begin to build on the skins surface. It looks scaly, flaky and a lot like dandruff.

It can be triggered by stress, dry air or skin, too little sunlight and too much sunlight (sunburn), as well as a host of other things. It is believed to be genetic and it is not contagious.

Just from my personal experience, it's down right annoying. When I had a relaxer it was ridiculous. Relaxers were unbearable. I don't care if I didn't scratch, or even touch my head. Because of the irritation I was burning as soon as that Sodium Hydroxide hit my scalp! Thank God those days are long behind me.

Since I have gotten rid of the relaxer my scalp is a lot better. I also have Psoraisis on my face and sometimes on parts of my body, but it's pretty mild. I have a reaction on my skin mostly with stress and with the change of seasons.

I was recently in a car accident and within a day or two my scalp was acting up as well as my skin. And that was because I didn't have a car, the person who hit me had no insurance and It had been stressful all the way around.

But one thing I can say for sure is... GREASE does not make it better. When I say Grease I'm referring to oil that is Petroleum based. It did nothing but clog my over active pores and it just made the condition worse.

So some of you may have an over active scalp and may think it's dandruff, And you wonder why the grease is not working? You just may have Psorasis. I would say go to your Doctor or Dermatologist and let them examine your scalp. They can tell you whether this is the situation or not.

Finding out my condition has help me treat it a lot better. Does it go away? No, but it can be controlled.

I use the shampoo Nizoral that contains 1% Ketaconzale which is the active ingredient. It can be found at Walmart, Target and most drug stores. I also use Coconut oil or Olive oil on my scalp if its really dry. When I was relaxed I got the prescription strength, but now that I am relaxer free I can use the over the counter strength when I have a flare up and then I'm good.

I have recomeneded this to my clients who have an overactive scalp and they have had great results.

So if you think your dandruff is way out of control.... maybe its not dandruff..... Investigate it and get your scalp better!

~ Beauti

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I had the most wonderful experience yesterday. I got to cut a curly girls hair! Yay for me. Her texture was about a 3A and she brought in a picture of how she wanted it cut.

Usually they tell you to straighten to get an accurate cut, but my educator was Pro-curly so she gave me instruction on how to do it. Now, I'm not an expert by no means but it was very enlightening.

She wanted a bob and had brought a picture that she googled

Needless to say It turned out pretty darn close. I diffused her and sent her on her way. She was so happy she hugged me, got my card and said that she would definately come back.

I was proud to make another curly girl happy! Now her husband didn't like it... boo to him... but she told me, oh he will get used to it because I LOVE IT!

It reminded me why I'm going to school,

The lady left me with some encouraging words. She asked me what I was going to do when I graduate (which is fastly approaching) I told her one day I would love to open my own shop. She said you know what, start saying that "you WILL have your own shop" Because your good! That warmed my Heart and sent a chill up my spine.

God is so Awesome...

and so are Curly Girls! We Rock!


Monday, October 3, 2011


So I am coming up on my 4th year anniversary in November and I recently had an AH HA moment. Now that I have more hair (although I believe I should have much more) I am changing up my routine starting this winter. My hair is about APL and it seems like I've been struggling more with my curls.

I have been doing heavy traffic on and read about her routine and that is where my AH HA moment came.

She is washing her hair about twice a month, and stretching her hair with curlformers. So I am dedicated right now to stretching my hair and wearing protective styles. I have been a wash and go kinda girl and it has been hell on my hair. After a few days of wearing that wash and go the detangle has been extremely difficult. So ummm Duh... wouldn't stretching it be so much easier and styling from there.

What I have done now is after a wash and deep condition I braid my hair in big plaits to stretch. Moisturize with coconut oil, let it air dry, then the next day add a cream based product or water based and seperate them and put them in smaller twists. I then either sport a Beanie with my silk scarf underneath (which I did with the plaits also) and keep it moving. Within the next two weeks I either style my hair from there, pin it up or keep it in the twists. I moisturize every other night with coconut oil, and if my hair is loose I twist it back up.

This past weekend I had my hair twisted up and it stayed in my silk bonnet and beanie. Today my hair is free and it feels soooo good! I can't believe I wasn't doing this sooner. Tonight I will retwist and moisturize with oil and put my bonnet back on. It takes 10-20 minutes out of my day and my hair is so much easier to manage.

I'm sure there will be some changes to my routine but I am totally in love! I plan to get a applicator bottle and do my own mix of oils to put on my hair.

I'm sure my hair is going to thank me for this later and I will retain more length as the months go by...

It only took me 4 years... but I got it now!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Let Her Be CURLY!!

I'm in school for Cosmetology and I have stories to tell to say the least. I am enjoying myself and it is trying sometimes but I hope to do good for my part of the Natural community..LOL, Hope to make you girls proud!

So I have a pretty steady stream of natural clients that I service. Most heard of me through word of mouth and some have stumbled upon me on accident. I have a little girl that comes to see me about every two weeks. She is about 10 years old and her mom brings her in to get her hair straightened. She has a head full of hair that is even more beautiful Wet and wavy!

So she's sitting in my chair and we are conversating about kid stuff. You know music, favorite colors and.... Hair. So I ask her, "Do you like your curly hair?" She says, "Yep!" I say, "Well how come you won't wear your hair curly?" She said kind of sadly, "My mom won't let me..."

My heart sunk.

How could mom deprive her of her curls. Mind you... mom has been really informal to me, despite that apparently she loves how I do her hair because she reschedules with me before she leaves. When I met mom she is rocking a short relaxed do. No shade to the relaxer honey... if that's your cup of tea.. than so be it! But I felt so bad for the young girl that was not allowed to rock her curls.

I then asked the little girl, "What do you think pretty hair is?"
She answers,"Long and curly."

Awwwww man! How beautiful is that. And my thoughts were, I thought it would be so much easier to rock the curly hair than getting it straightned every two weeks. Every time she comes to me her hair is all over her head and she is just looking a mess. I guess mom is not really into doing anyone's head.

So what should I do? I want to approach the mom and fill her with a little bit more of info about rocking the curly hair. She just seems a little unapproachable, you know what I mean....

I say... Let her be Curly.....

What would you do??
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