Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How I Deep Condition

How often do you deep condition?

In my beginning journey I was faithful to this practice.  I did it at least once a week; Ironically now that I have more hair I do it about twice a month.  But the way I do it has definitely changed.  I think changes come and are inevitable when you have more hair.  You have to change things to perform according to how much hair you have.

When I didn't have as much hair I would just slather a deep conditioner of my choice, (after a good wash), and then sit under a heating cap for about 30 minutes to an hour.

Now I deep condition BEFORE I wash.  Now that I'm wearing my hair stretched out about 98% of the time I found that doing this is a lot better for detangeling purposes.  I seem to lose less hair and it's just easier all the way round.  Here how I DC:

1. I get a small bottle and fill it with warm water and my oil of choice.  It is important that the water is really warm so that when you spray it on your dry hair it opens that cuticle to receive the conditioner.

2. I section my hair into about 4-6 sections and spray my hair with the solution.  I don't make it sopping wet, but good and damp.

3. I then use a large comb with wide teeth or a shower comb to detangle my hair.  After the solution my hair has excellent slip and is easy to detangle.  I make sure that I detangle from the bottom up and do this until I can comb through it.

4.  Next I apply my fav. Deep conditioner of  choice.  Now depending on the conditioner will dictate whether you should use heat or not.  Read the manufacturers instruction and make sure that you follow them.  If no heat is required, than really... no heat is required.  You will reap the same benefits whether you apply heat or no heat.

5.  After I apply it to the section I twist that section and do this through out the entire head.  When I am finished I have about 4 to 6 large twists well covered in the deep conditioner.

6.  Then I apply a plastic bag to my head.  If it requires heat than I sit under my heat cap for about 15 to 30 minutes.  If it doesn't I still put the plastic bag on my head and leave it on for at least 10 minutes.

7. After the amount of time I take down the twist rinse, shampoo or co-wash, and then apply a regular conditioner, finger detangle, and begin my normal styling routine.

I have found this method to be pretty simple and I only use the comb just once and that is pretty awesome!  I do of course use it again depending on the style I choose to do, but my hair has already been detangeled so it's not hard at all. 

Maybe you should try it and see if it works for you.  Let me know how you Deep Condition???


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