Thursday, December 1, 2011

Self Reflection: Mentally Transitioning to Natural Hair

Looking back, I have not always been on #Teamnatural.  The transition didn't come immediately... even after I big chopped the second time.  My mind had to make a transition. 
I remember being 19 working at my first big job and this lady, her name was Angie had decided to let go of her Relaxer. 
I remember her walking around there tall and proud with her little afro and I used to frown up at her.  I would whisper to others, "Why wont she get a perm?" I just didn't get it.... but about 16 years later I did. 

I have often ran across articles and women who are worried about their men not loving or even slightly liking their new look.  Society has brainwashed us to love the eurocentric approach, and since I've entered into the Beauty field I find that it's not just Afro Americans, it's every color of the rainbow that's a curly girl or boy.

You don't know how many little girls that were not black, sat in my chair with their beautiful curly locks and made sure they expressed their disdain for their hair.  What do you say to that?  I try to encourage them but I'm fighting against modern day society.  My usual response is, " You won't appreciate your curls until your older..."  I usually get a crazy look like.. "Whatever lady... just make me straight and EuroBeautiful!"  LOL

But can you fault them.  Now when we hear someone not as accepting of their own hair that grows from their scalp we act as if we are appauld.... or we feel sorry for them.  But I remember not so long ago I was there.  In that aweful place.

Now there is nothing you can tell me about natural hair.  The Kinkier the better.  The curlier the more beautiful. 

I love natural hair, point. blank, period.

It reflects in the way I walk, dress and talk.  I have made people believers  and even men telling their women to let that relaxer go.  I have even had a few guys ask me, "Do you mind talking to my girl about natural hair..." That's really a blessing!

It has to start with the mind though.  Even when I first cut my hair I remember being a little unsure until I really got my feet wet.  As a matter a fact, right after my big chop and letting it go free for a day, I ran back and put my wig back on the next day.  When I look back on it and if I knew now what I knew then I would have NEVER done that!

But we live and we learn. 
We like then we love
We love then we accept...


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