Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dandruff? and the Jar of Grease

Remember when your mom used to oil your scalp? She'd get the Blue magic, for my case she would use Sulfur 8 because my scalp would be so bad. Take a hunk of it, put it on the back of her hand and begin the routine of parting and oiling.

Thinking back to those time I realized that everytime she would oil my head it would just get more irritated. Sometime to the point that I had scabs and was bleeding!

After I had my son it was even WORSE.

I began to shed hair and my sides and edges were thinning; I finally saw a Dermatologist and she explained that I had Psoraisis.

Psoraisis is when the skin cells or overactive. A persons normal turn of shedding dead skin is 30 days. A person with this condition sheds as quick as 2 weeks, half the time than normal. The dead skins cells than begin to build on the skins surface. It looks scaly, flaky and a lot like dandruff.

It can be triggered by stress, dry air or skin, too little sunlight and too much sunlight (sunburn), as well as a host of other things. It is believed to be genetic and it is not contagious.

Just from my personal experience, it's down right annoying. When I had a relaxer it was ridiculous. Relaxers were unbearable. I don't care if I didn't scratch, or even touch my head. Because of the irritation I was burning as soon as that Sodium Hydroxide hit my scalp! Thank God those days are long behind me.

Since I have gotten rid of the relaxer my scalp is a lot better. I also have Psoraisis on my face and sometimes on parts of my body, but it's pretty mild. I have a reaction on my skin mostly with stress and with the change of seasons.

I was recently in a car accident and within a day or two my scalp was acting up as well as my skin. And that was because I didn't have a car, the person who hit me had no insurance and It had been stressful all the way around.

But one thing I can say for sure is... GREASE does not make it better. When I say Grease I'm referring to oil that is Petroleum based. It did nothing but clog my over active pores and it just made the condition worse.

So some of you may have an over active scalp and may think it's dandruff, And you wonder why the grease is not working? You just may have Psorasis. I would say go to your Doctor or Dermatologist and let them examine your scalp. They can tell you whether this is the situation or not.

Finding out my condition has help me treat it a lot better. Does it go away? No, but it can be controlled.

I use the shampoo Nizoral that contains 1% Ketaconzale which is the active ingredient. It can be found at Walmart, Target and most drug stores. I also use Coconut oil or Olive oil on my scalp if its really dry. When I was relaxed I got the prescription strength, but now that I am relaxer free I can use the over the counter strength when I have a flare up and then I'm good.

I have recomeneded this to my clients who have an overactive scalp and they have had great results.

So if you think your dandruff is way out of control.... maybe its not dandruff..... Investigate it and get your scalp better!

~ Beauti

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