Monday, October 24, 2011

Some People Have a Lot of Nerve!

I was on Facebook... Minding my own business and I see this post that said something about women cutting their hair.  It was a man of course and he was perturbed at all the black women letting go of their tresses and "going bald". 

Now most of us know what the revolution is, A lot of women are finally embracing their natural tresses.  He continued with his rant as to say that its very disturbing and that he just doesn't understand it.  He can't understand why some are cutting and continue to cut, why won't they let their hair grow back?

I knew this guy from the past, he is a good amount older than me, but I remember as a little girl he used to go on and on about my long hair.  My hair was pressed then but he definately had a infatuation with long straight hair.  I mean if that's your preference so be it, but must you down the ladies for their changes??

I then read through comments, because he got a few reactions from females and males.  I didn't put my two cents in because I might say something not so nice, so I just left it alone.  But one lady said, " Some women are going natural and some just want change! "  His rebuttal was, "while some want change why won't they wear wigs and weaves as they are going through this so called change??"


It reminded me of the time I was upset because this guy who was harping on me about why I won't straighten my hair.  You know what????? Men are something else sometimes, while some are embracing our changes, there are others who are working hard against the positive changes that we are making in our lives, they are too busy making it into a negative.  You don't have to embrace my change, but you can SHUTUP about it if you don't have nothing nice to say!  

Below is my Rant in 09 about this very subject.....

Stay Beautiful Everyone....

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