Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Routine Update

I know I keep harping on my routine, but I'm in transition to healthier hair!

So this past weekend was wash day for my hair.  Let me tell you... It was so much easier.  I've decided on once a week washes instead of every two weeks.  The most I can push it is 1 1/2 weeks, no longer or my scalp just acts up.

So first I deep conditioned/Pre poo.  This was experimental but I think it's a keeper.  My hair was in a old stretched out twist out so it was a lot easier to manage.  I parted my hair in sections and sprayed each section down with my refresher spritz (distilled water, avocado oil, conditioner and Rosemary essential oil) and then to each section of hair I applied a good amount of deep conditioner to it along with my mix of Coconut oil and avocado oil, gently detangled with a wide tooth comb and then twisted the section.    After I completed my entire head it was about maybe 8-10 big twists.  I put a plastic bag on my head and sat under my heating cap for about a half hour. 

I then got in the shower (it's just easier in the shower for me) after undoing my twists and rinsed.  I then shampooed with Nizoral shampoo and then used my regular conditioner (Herbal Essence).  With the conditioner in my hair I finger combed through it to make sure there were no tangles and then rinsed in cool water. 
My hair was soooo soft and ever so curly! I then applied a leave in conditioner and squeezed the excess water from my hair to prepare for the roller set.

Now this was my first time doing the rollerset.  Last week I had someone do it for me but it wasn't so bad.  I did big rollers and I just kinda' slapped them in there.  The goal here is just to stretch the hair out for styling purposes.  I sat under the dryer about 2 hours.  That is the part I'm not crazy about but It didn't turn out to bad.  I think I will find a different setting lotion to use, I used Motions foam wrap and I wasn't crazy about it.  I didn't like the way it made my hair feel.  I think for next week I will pick up the Jane Carter Lotion that I've heard a lot of naturals rave about.

Right now my hair is in nice twists and I love the length of them.  It appears that this is a lot of work but really it's not.  I'm sure I'm going to tweak this a little more in the quest to save even more time in the routine, but at this point.... week 2, it's working.  So far so Good....


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