Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Feeling My New Hair Routine

Saturday I had school and some apparant free time, so it was time to put my new plans for my routine into action. We had 8 hours to make it happen, and I was determined to get this done.

I had a classmate (Shoutout to Suzy) wash my hair and give me a rollerset.  We used 2 different sized rollers, and they were as jumbo as I can get them.  When I say jumbo as I can get them, I'm referring it to the length of my hair, which is about APL or longer straight.    The rollers that you use should be able to to roll at least 1 1/2 times around the length of the hair.

She washed my hair with a clarifying shampoo and gave me a good conditioner, detangled, and rolled my hair. (God Bless her heart!)  We used a setting lotion (HCO/Compositions by Design Essentials) along with a leave in conditioner and I sat under the dryer for about 2 hours.

Even after 2 hours I wasn't 100 percent dry, but I walked around the school for a little while and about an hour prior to leaving I took the rollers out.  I was surprised at how straight it actually got my hair.  My roots were still a little curly, but I put a warm flat iron to it and it blended with the rest of the hair.  Unfortunately I did not take a picture of the hair after the roller set, but it was really pretty.  Lots of curls! And I just finger combed through them, I didn't want them to frizz.  (unfortunately I didn't take pics of the roller set... but next time I will)

I wore the roller set a day and a half... Sunday night I twisted my hair dry, and what a difference it made.  The twist were longer, smoother and my hair was just easier to mantain.  It was well worth the 2 hours spent under the dryer.

I will take pictures in the next post to show you what my fab twist out looks like today.  Hopefully It will stay intact until I can get some good pictures.

But just so you know... like McDonalds... I'M LOVIN IT!


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