Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Will the REAL Desperate Housewives PLEASE STAND UP! You know..... I've watched this show a couple of times and I tell you it's something to see a bunch of rich, black women just showing they bootay's on TV. They are just like regular women except they have money. They are Ghetto sometimes, Loud, Catty, Nice and heartfelt and stinkin' rich! Concieted and have nothing to do with their lives then spend money, have custom made clothes, and reak negativity when needed.

I am not familiar with everyone's name on the show just yet... but I'm sure I will. I know there's a white girl there who I believe is dating a black celebrity who has asked that he remains anonoymous. They all affectionatly call him "Big Poppa". He has showered this young lady with Money beyond reason, an escalade, and she charges his account at a whim for shoes, clothes and etc. And somehow she has hooked up with Dallas Austin because she decided that when she grows up she wanted to be a famous country singer.

Needless to say... she can't sing a tune to save her life! and this is why I believe that the celebrity is black that she is dating. None of her friends even knew how she had a Dallas Austin Hookup?? but the funny thing is.... Superhead in her book had a guy she was messing with, who wanted to remain anonoymous also and she also called him..."Big Poppa". Coincidence?

You tell me?

Stay Tuned.....

Take care of u!

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KurlyQue said...

I just read somewhere that Big Poppa has now been revealed. I think more info is found on His name is Lee Najjar I believe.

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