Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How I Rock My Blowout!


I know I haven't been around. Just ignore me... LOL... This really is my place of solitude and I'm going to get back to my real love which is writing soon. But right now God has other things in store for me...I hope everyone is doing well!




Sonya said...

You know this is my favorite video right! lol. I LOVE IT!

The Creative Lady said...

Now you know I am with Sonya! I loved this video too! And when you started shakin' yo fro. . .! I had to get up and join the party! Ain't nothing like making natural hair move! Keep it moving!

jenteel said...

you are too cute!
i love this video :)

Tinuke said...

Love the flat twist and puff. Your hair color is similar to mine. Pls check out my hair blog http://www.tinukewilson.blogspot.com.

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