Friday, November 7, 2008

Computer Love...

So amongst the changes that I've made with myself.. being natural and physical, I have decided to get back into the dating scene.

*sighs* Why is this so difficult?

The possibility of getting to know someone is exciting and at the same time nerve racking. With the age of the Internet there are all kinds of new possibilities to meet someone new. Someone you may not have ordinarily ran across.

So to expand my horizons I decided to join a couple of dating services online. I joined and (I think that's the name). I'm not entirely new to this arena and really it can be time consuming. I'm not in a rush so I am willing to take my time.

On these sites you do have to be careful. I never give my number to a man unless I feel absolutely comfortable. I need to get to know the person. I ask to chat with them online first before talking on the phone. Sometimes a chat can help you decide whether you want to take this to another level... trust me.. most times I can tell from just a chatty conversation.

If I like someone enough to after the chat and they make it to a phone call, I always offer to get their number and I tell them that I'm going to call them private.. until I get comfortable with them.

Then ... if they make it to meet me, I bring a friend, and she asks him for his I.D. and stays with me until I tell her it's okay to leave. It has been times in the past where I didn't feel comfortable (and I always meet at a public place) and I ended up leaving with her.... and out of their life.

So far since I've been back in the game... I can't even get past a chat conversation. I don't know if it's because I'm older and I'm just more aware of what I desire, or if its just some idiots out there..LOL.... But I've already cancelled my membership with I've decided that It's just a Hookup site.

And that's another thing.. there are so many people on there who have girlfriends and wife's.. you really have to be careful.

With all that being said..... I know God will send the right one when it's time. But I am open to date again... and that's the first step.

Take care of you!

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