Saturday, November 15, 2008

..He's So Faithful!

Hello Everyone!

I just feel good in my spirit. Even though my feet are hurting because I worked all day on my feet at my second gig, and the day was long... I feel good. God is just awesome..... And so many times we take it for granted that we are going to be here from one day to the next, but I just wanted to take time to say ... God I need you! That I can't make it without you! He is so worthy of all the praise.. Glory and Honor. I love him today! And most of all He is faithful when we are not. Thank God for Grace & Mercy!

We go and ask him for this and for that because we are always needing something, but the Lord likes to know that he is worthy, and that he is awesome, wonderful, loving and just great.

Right now I am really enjoying Tye Tribbett's new album Stand Out, if you don't have it... pick it up.. it's really awesome. Full of praise and worship songs that just makes you think of the Goodness of God.

This is one of my favorite songs on the cd.


KurlyQue said...
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KurlyQue said...

I agree with you,"He is worthy of all the praise." I used to take it all for granted, but when he snatched it all away...I used to feel like he was punishing me. Now, I still have so little, but I'm so much more grateful of what I do have.

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